We provide a speedy, reliable and confidential service for foreign body analysis and insect identification. Foreign body complaints can be stressful, costly and time-consuming incidents and we can offer technical support in resolving a foreign body complaint.

Sometimes samples may appear to be of pest origin, but when analysed under a microscope, they turn out to be something else entirely.

These are some examples of identifications carried out for a wide variety of clients.

Mouse dropping in food – concerns regarding food being contaminated by a mouse dropping were correct.

Mouse Droppings in Food

Mouse dropping in fruit? – Sample was thought to be a mouse dropping found in dates.

Mouse dropping in fruit? The sample was actually an intact ant wrapped in a sugary deposit.

Insects in food

Food fragments from dried beans also contained wing fragments from a bean weevil.

Wing Fragments

Blowfly pupa in cooked chicken?

Occasionally, what is thought to be an insect complaint may not be of insect origin.

After receiving a customer complaint via an EHO regarding a blow fly pupae found in a cooked chicken, the specimen was microscopically examined and found to be a cooked chicken gonad and was not of insect origin.

A claw found in pet food finished product?

Microscopic examination reveals the surface to be free of any crumbs or food debris and patches of fresh blood on the outer surface of a kitten’s claw. The product batch sample had been manufactured many months earlier and the factory had no cat activity present on site. In this case, any contamination of finished product is likely to have occurred after the goods left the factory site.

The prices we charge for this service start at £50.00 plus vat. For multiple identifications, special assignments or contract work, please contact John Lloyd via the Contact Form provided for a quote.

Samples should be clearly labelled and sent preferably in crush-proof containers. All samples are sent at sender’s own risk. Specimens can be returned if required, however a charge will be made for postage.