Independent Pest Consultancy

  • John Lloyd (MD) has provided technical support for a wide range of blue chip companies and commercial sectors for 20 years. John has consulted on a wide variety of pest control situations across the world in which analysis, pest management and solutions have been needed in a cost-effective and readily understandable way.


  • IPMIC Ltd is a consultancy that provides an independent inspection service and impartial advice for pest management and insect related public health issues in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Independent Audits

Audit IconAssessment of in-house pest management systems. Verification of quality standards for pest management. Assessment of compliance with food regulatory standards such as British Retail consortium and other accreditation and certification bodies.

Independent Assessments

Assessment iconHighly qualified fully independent assessments. Comprehensive analysis of rodent or insect pest problems.

Insect Factory Audits

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Worldwide audits undertaken to assess insect activity on food handling sites. Such audits highlight the source or potential harbourage for insect activity and help to reduce the risk of contamination of food and packaging. They also provide specific guidance and help with the monitoring and control of insect activity.

Insect identifications and foreign body analysis

Foreign Body iconExamination & identification services. Technical reports provided plus – guidance for control and prevention.

Mosquito Assessments

Mosquito iconAssistance with monitoring and control of mosquito problems such as Culex pipiens molestus.

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