Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

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Adult :Long antennae with a 17-30mm long, dark brown – black body.

Both sexes are different: the female is larger and is dark brown to black. It has a flattened profile with wing buds.

The male is smaller, reddish brown with wing cases. Its rear abdomen extends beyond the wing cases.

Two distinct cerci protrude from the rear of the abdomen of both adults and nymphs.

Life Cycle:
Development cycle is slower than for German. Typically 16 eggs are contained inside the ootheca, which is deposited and abandoned by the female in a suitably, dark location. Females deposit up to 5 ootheca in their life time and incubation takes 6-12 weeks depending on temperature.

Female Oriental CockroachOriental cockroaches on a monitorMale Oriental Cockroach

Larger and darker in colour in comparison to the German Cockroach, it is a common pest in heated buildings, hospitals, laundries, multi occupational dwellings, hotels and boiler houses, commercial and domestic properties

They are good walkers and will often been seen in areas away from their source of harbourage in search of food.

Thorough monitoring will lead to areas where nymphs or their ‘nurseries’ are found. Adjacent to these areas either isolated or communal egg laying sites can be found.

The Insects especially infest buildings from hot or warm voids such as underground ducts or from lagging around hot machinery or piping.

Appropriate monitoring and inspection will pin-point the areas of harbourage and enable treatments to be targeted to quickly reduce cockroach activity

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