Lesser Grain Borer (Rhizopertha dominica)

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Adult : 2-3mm long, reddish to blackish brown, slim, cylindrical body with head bent downwards and not visible from above, and last three segments of antennae forming a club. Larvae : 3mm long, “C” shaped, whitish with brown head and 3 pairs of legs

The head points downwards and is not visible from above. The thorax is characteristically pitted..

Life Cycle:
Eggs (300-500 in a lifetime) laid singly or in clusters of 02-30, loosely amongst the grain. Larvae bore into the grain and pupate within. Entire life cycle takes about 3-8 weeks. Adults are long lived.



Adults can fly and like the larvae, are voracious feeders capable of penetrating packaging material. Larvae bore into grain and eat out the entire starchy interior and the seed coat in places, leaving irregular holes and large quantities of floury dust. A primary pest of cereal grain and other seeds; also feeds on dried potatoes, tapioca, herbs, tobacco, nuts, beans, biscuits, cocoa beans, dried fruit, peanuts and spices. It is cosmopolitan and more widespread in tropical areas. Infested stock has a honey-like odour.

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