Cowpea or Pulse Beetle (Callosobruchus maculatus)

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Adult : Elongate, oval brownish body with cream, orange and brownish-black markings, head usually not visible from the top, 2.5-4mm long.  The final abdominal segment is visible from above.  The elytra (wing cases) are covered in patches of black, brown and sometimes white hairs.  They have characteristically large bulbous eyes.

In tropical areas such as Asia, adults are good fliers – can usually fly up to 1 km.

Larvae : “C” shaped, legless, cream coloured with a few hairs, up to 4mm long.

Life Cycle:
Eggs deposited within seed pods or on seeds. Larvae enter and develop within the seed. Entire life-cycle is usually 3-4 months, under favourable conditions. Life span of adult from 12-14 days.



Commonly called Pulse “Weevil”, though it is not a true snouted weevil. As with most Bruchid beetles, it is a serious pest of pulses worldwide, attacking pulses both in the field (before harvest) and during storage. Damage is caused during the larval stage which is spent within the seed coat, creating a characteristic ‘window’. It is usually detectable only during adult emergence, by which time damage has already been done. Often found in twin infestations with the Bean Beetle.

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