Bedbug Infestation

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Bed bugs leave a lasting legacy……

Even after a bedbug infestation has been cleared, allergic responses can continue. Researchers in North Carolina State University, Raleigh have announced that allergic responses such as itchiness or asthma can occur due to the presence of allergenic dust particles – even after a bed bug infestation has been cleared.

Histamine is an emergent, indoor contaminant and it can accumulate or be persistent in bed bug infested homes.

Histamine occurs in bed bug droppings acts and as an aggregation signal for bed bugs to congregate in suitable points of harbourage, but it also form allergenic dust particles in the air or on surfaces and this can trigger and allergic reactions in sufferers.

The researchers found that allergenic dust levels were at least 20 times higher in properties where infestations had been eradicated compared to dust levels in un-infested properties. This means that once a bed bug infestation has been cleared, additional environmental control measures should also be carried out – such as the rigorous cleaning of affected and non-affected areas or surfaces. This will help to reduce the effects on health and reduce the risk of continued allergic reactions by sufferers.

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